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Fifty Spellbinding Stories , Hörbuch, Digital, ...
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A fast-paced and varied collection of captivating short stories ranging from action thrillers to poignant tear-jerkers to the downright weird. ´´Jerry Bundler´´ by W. W. Jacobs ´´The Umbrella Mender´´ by Beatrice Harraden ´´Green Ink´´ by J. S. Fletcher ´´Why Herbert Killed His Mother´´ by Winifred Holtby ´´The Red Mark´´ by Israel Zangwill ´´The White Kid Glove´´ by J. S. Fletcher ´´Sophy Mason Comes Back´´ by E. M. Delafield ´´The Influence Fails´´ by J. S. Fletcher ´´The Cry of a Century´´ by Richard Middleton & Edgar Jepson ´´Royal Visitors´´ by E. F. Benson ´´The Last Adventure´´ by Richard Middleton ´´The Child in the Garden´´ by Leonard Merrick ´´Arthur Jermyn´´ by H. P. Lovecraft ´´Skinflint´´ by J. S. Fletcher ´´The House of Haddock´´ by Arthur Morrison ´´The Mad Hatter´´ by Morley Roberts ´´The Disorder of the Bath´´ by Arthur Morrison ´´The Secret of the Barbican´´ by J. S. Fletcher ´´The Mystery of the Octagon Room´´ by Eimar O´Duffy Plus 30 more riveting stories. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Cathy Dobson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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